Become a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and take your career to the next level! The only thing standing in your way is one TOUGH exam.  That's where our CIH review course comes in.  We help you understand complex topics, focus your studies on the important areas, and use lots of sample questions to get you ready for the exam.

Our CIH class is unique.

Other CIH prep courses lead to over-studying as they encourage mastering every topic- even if the topic represents only a single question on the exam.  Our passion is helping you become a Certified Industrial Hygienist (not helping you master laser safety). 

Online Delivery

Our online course is self-paced; it can be taken any time of day or night. It fits perfectly into your busy schedule. You'll view and listen to PowerPoint presentations. Our CIH prep course also includes hundreds of practice questions and flashcards.

Totally updated

The CIH exam now only has 180 questions.  Most other courses have not been updated to keep current with the shift in focus. You can trust that our CIH review course teaches you the latest information covered on the exam.  


We will save you days, if not weeks of time by helping you focus your studies. What is a week of your time worth? More than the cost of our CIH course! 

Ian Cull, CIH, PE
Your Instructor

Ian Cull is an IH consultant based in Chicago, IL.  His specialty is indoor air quality, an area he has worked in since 1995.  He has served as Board Member and Technical Director of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Ian Cull owns Indoor Sciences and has taught exam prep classes for over 15 years with the IAQA. 


"Ian’s class was the best exam prep class I’ve ever taken for ANY exam! It was well organized, the exact right level of detail, clearly presented and most importantly, allowed me to pass the exam generously on the first try.  If I could recommend any CIH prep class on the market today, Ian’s class is far and away #1.  After finishing my exam my first thought was how spot-on Ian’s rubric was... I attribute my pass 100% to his course and the way it allowed me to organize and prioritize the wide variety of topics on the exam. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

"Ian’s CIH review course was the main emphasis of my exam preparation and helped me pass the exam on my first try. I give the course and instructor my highest endorsement!  This 19 module course takes you through each major topic on the exam. Ian’s unassuming, efficient, and mildly humorous approach to each module presentation made preparing for the exam almost fun."

"I took your CIH prep course and wanted to let you know that I passed the exam yesterday!  The Crash Course was extremely helpful and really allowed me to focus my studies over the last month or so on the important items / concepts that I could expect to find in the exam.  Thanks for the training!"

"I didn’t listen to you and I studied many other sources while I was taking your course. Yes, I wasted my time! Your course was the best investment ever! Your slides are very organized, concise, and cover everything required for the exam. You are so bright, Ian! You know how much is required for this exam and you are a great teacher! I don’t know how to thank you for this training. Great job!"
-M.A., CIH

Course Details

Our Certified Industrial Hygienist training course includes 20 hours of presentations and videos, which you can access any time of day or night. The course has separate modules for each of ABIH's 17 rubrics, with quiz questions at the end of each module.
The course also includes a 180-question simulated exam.  If you pass our simulated exam, you're ready for the CIH exam!
Students also get access to 400+ flashcards that are accessible on a mobile app.
You have 12 months of access to the CIH training material. 


The CIH Crash Course is available through the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).  To register, follow this link: CIH Crash Course Registration.

Course Outline

Our training modules match the ABIH's rubrics!

Module 1


Module 2

Basic Science

Module 3

Analytical Chemistry 

Module 4


Module 5

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Module 6

Work Environments & Industrial Processes

Module 7

Community Exposure

Module 8

Health Risk Analysis

Module 9


Module 10

Air Sampling and Instrumentation

Module 11


Module 12

Nonionizing Radiation

Module 13

Ionizing Radiation

Module 14

Thermal Stressors

Module 15


Module 16

Ventilation / Engineering Controls

Module 17

Non-engineering Controls

Module 18

IH Program Management

Module 19

Final Practice Exam

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